Bartending Experience at an Airport

Bartending Experience at an Airport

Air transport is among the fastest and most influential transport systems ever known. This transport system has evolved, making it more sophisticated as well as comfortable. Modern planes are now well furnished with personal TV screens, and on-board kitchens with mini-bars are also brought on board. While travelers await their flight at the airport, they opt to involve themselves with certain activities to keep the time going. Therefore, airports are equipped with malls, restaurants, playgrounds with bars to help them relax during their wait.

Most bars in airports are stocked

Most bars in airports are stocked with all types of drinks to fit the tastes of different people worldwide, that is why airports should hire professional bartenders for this service. Bars are normally attended by hundreds of people, and they need a person who knows drinks well together with blend ratios of certain drinks. This experience is overwhelming as you get to learn new drink types, their tastes and preferences of different customers. Bartenders from any bar face various challenges in their careers: working at airports is no exception. They encounter angry, shouting and irresponsible customers to the ones that drink till they forget about their flights. Travelers get sentimental, telling out their emotions, showing off their richness and showing pictures of loved ones to bartenders. It is a tricky job but also pays well in the form of tips received through their services.

Getting a spot at an airport

Getting a spot at an airport for any business is hard since it is highly competitive and has a high potential for a booming business due to the high traffic of travelers that pass through it every day. Bartenders working in such areas are highly privileged as they get to showcase their expertise to travelers waiting for their plane. It requires the ability to multi-task well while handling the tasks brilliantly. Good ones can do that smoothly as they chat with the clients which creates a bond between them. You get to be told lots of personal stuff about their lives, businesses, work, friends, families and interests implying that you have to be patient.

Bartending Experience at an Airport

When dealing with a huge crowd at the airport, you have to understand key areas before venturing into bartending. Since you will be dealing with lots of customers from different nations and cultures, you have to be familiar with every drink available at your disposal from beers to cocktails. You have to research and look for drinks that can probably be ordered globally. This is quite a big list, no doubt, but it will make you confident and prepared for any order clients give. Different drinks have different recipes that accompany them so be eager to learn as much as you can about what you sell.

Be careful with how you deal with your finances in terms of the amount generated on a daily basis. Most bartenders and owners get excited about the tips they generate, forgetting to take down the costs incurred during the day. Due to the hurry that passengers might have while boarding the flight, some may break glasses, hit down bottles of expensive drinks while some time run off without paying for their drinks. Such expenses cost the owners significantly as recovering them might take some time. In addition, paying the rent of such places prove to be more expensive than regular outlets located in shopping areas.

Airport bars may sometimes encounter similar scenarios as the ones in regular bars. For instance, some customers might be disrespectful in ending up causing chaos with others. Others may misbehave which interrupts the bartender for instance, when one vomits on the counter, it takes a lot of time to clean it up plus some customers might decide not to drink at that moment. Owners incur losses when fights happen in their bars, forcing owners to call for security to escort them out.

Overall, running a bar at the airport is almost equivalent to having it in a busy city where extra attention to minor details plays a big role towards its success. Smart and tough decisions have to be made to maintain the business’ identity keeping its regular clients service satisfied with the overall services rendered to them. Keep yourself updated on current trends in bartending while learning new tricks to up your game through online courses.