Chances for an airplane to crash

Chances for an airplane to crash

Airplanes are considered to be the fastest and safest means of transportation yet there is a question of the chances a plane crash will happen. This question has restricted some from flying and has made others live scared of having a crash if they ever flew in one. The airplane has created a revolution in human existence as it cuts a journey that normally would take weeks or months to just a few hours. Getting extremely far distances via planes in a more convenient, fast means yet safety is still a major concern to some.

Planes are built with a ton

Planes are built with a ton of redundancies and are operated by highly trained professionals. If you are flying in the US, the first officer has at least 1000 flight hours while the captain usually have more hours alongside a lot more experience to handle with flight process without hitches. To prevent a crash or any form of accidents the plane is made with safety features to protect and guaranty a safe trip. They are built to have 3 engines, three autopilots, two of nearly every instrument in the cockpit along with backups to serve during a power failure and much more. An airplane is the most protected form of transportation operated by drivers with the most amount of training in an industry with most regulations and supervision for total safety of lives.

Chances for an airplane to crash

Whenever an air crash occurs, it is mostly a global concern mainly because if the number of passengers, aircraft or geographical factors. Although an airplane crash is not a regular event, statistics from 2004 to 2013 show that there were 72 fatal commercial airliner accidents involving western-built aircraft. It was also record that more than two thirds of those have involved one of just tree accident sequence which is; loss of control, a controlled flight into terrain or a landing accident. In general, many airplane accidents involve one kind of failure in the interaction between humans and automation, this failure is the leading cause of airplane crashes.

There are suggestions that humans are the weakest link and should be taken out of the control loop as much as possible. Even with all this, the odds of a plane crash is about 0007% globally and the chances are a lot lower in the US or Europe. According to a 2015 statistics from The Economist, the probability of your plane going down is around one in 5.4million. More numbers from ‘Am Igoing down?’ a probability-calculating app gives odd as good as 20million to one that you will make it alive from a point A to B.

Putting this into perspective, the chances of being struck by lightning which is one in 1.2million and being killed by a shark at one in 3 7million are far more likely than a plane crash. A common disease like flu or traveling by road has even more chance at killing you than having a plane crash. This further show that the chance of having a plane crash is very minimal than what may be previously assumed.