Who Pays For Damaged Bags At The Airport

Who Pays For Damaged Bags At The Airport

The airport is quite a busy environment as thousands of people travel daily to different destinations. It is also an area with a high-security threat because of the number of people that visit the airport for different reasons. Some are staff, while others are travelers, most often it is difficult to determine what may have caused your bag to be destroyed or stolen.

That’s why most airports have security cameras set up at various strategic points to ensure anyone coming to steal or commit any fraudulent activity is caught. The airport is most vulnerable as it is a major target for hijackers and those coming with evil intentions. That’s why cases of missing items are most common in some airports every day. Damaged bags may not necessarily be caused by security personnel, oftentimes, passengers are responsible for damaged bags while trying to move them out of the bags. However, airport officials may take responsibility for any damaged backs caused by them.

Another thing to avoid when traveling

To be eligible for any compensation, certain conditions must be met. Every item that belongs to a passenger is expected to be duly registered before it gets to the plane. If your bag isn’t registered, and you didn’t pay the required fee, you’ll not receive any compensation even if your bag is destroyed or stolen. Bags that are registered will be protected and kept safe because if anything goes wrong, airport officials will be held accountable.

Another thing to avoid when traveling is to avoid carrying too many bags, most travelers may get to the airport with more than the required capacity needed for them to travel with. Always ensure you follow strictly the kilograms set by the airport when weighing your bags. It doesn’t matter how important the stuff you are carrying may be. If the weight exceeds the expected limit, you’ll be required to discard a few items.

Who Pays For Damaged Bags At The Airport

It is important to label your bags before traveling, some travelers may have identical bags which can cause someone to mistaken your bag for his. In such a situation, the airport will not be held responsible if your bag is missing or stolen. To avoid such a situation, ensure your bag is clearly labeled with your name, phone number, and address. If the bag is mistakenly carried by another traveler, you may be fortunate to get it through identification on the back. But if the bag is not labeled, it will be difficult for airport security to track down the owner even if the back is found. It is vital to take good care of your luggage when traveling to avoid getting into issues with security.

The airport usually takes responsibility for any damaged bags when caused by any of its officials but, in the case of missing or stolen items, they will have to ensure proper investigation to ascertain the cause. Usually, damaged bags may while moving the bags from the plane. That’s why a traveler must be around when bags are being removed to ensure he notifies the officials if there is anything sensitive stuff that may require handling the bag with care.